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Corfu & the Ionian Islands



The Ionian Islands located on the western side of mainland Greece, are seven main islands that distinguish from many of the Greek islands by their fertile land (blanketed with olive groves sustained by the winter rains) and clear blue waters. The mixture of different civilizations and cultures is harmoniously welded together into one piece that is undoubtedly Greek, in a complex of islands where the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean can be explored.


Wind and Sailing Conditions

The wind and sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea are ideal and predictable. From May to September the wind blows from North - West at Force 2 - 5. In Spring and Autumn the wind is less strong and blows usually from South - West.


Travel Notes

An ideal starting point for your cruise is our base in Gouvia Marina, about 15 minutes from Corfu International Airport.








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