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Lefkada marina is a private one holding 620 yachts and is located in Lefkada strait, at the site of the main port. The taxi ride from the airport (Preveza Airport Code PVK) to the marina takes about 30 minutes and costs about 30 Euro. Lefkas town is at 5-10 minutes walk from the marina making shopping sightseeing and provisioning easy.


Lefkas Island can be reached by plane, car or bus. The Aktion airport near Preveza on the mainland is about 20 minutes away from Lefkada Town and caters to many international charter flights.


Water is available on the quay. Fuel is available at a special point situated at the dock N end of the E quay of the marina. You will get your yacht full of fuel and right before you finish your charter you should dock the fuel station and refill fuel tanks. The main streettown of Lefkas is a 5-minute walk from the dock. A 24-hour taxi stand is also found within the marina, though you can order a taxi at the marina office. The local bus terminal Lefkas with connection of the main town with many villages/beaches of the island is within walking distance (direction of the main port). ATM cash point and many banks are located near the yacht's pier. Parking area (unguarded, quite safe) is also located into the marina.


Berth stern-to or bows-to the pier advised by the authorized staff of Lefkas marina and EASY SAILING staff. Mooring lines are available in all berths. Care needs to be taken on the S side as the ballasting runs out underwater in places and a yacht should really go bows-to rather than stern-to.


The meeting point is directly onto your yacht. Pier


There is a supermarket into the Lefkas marina and by using the shopping carts you can easily deliver all you buy directly to your boat. There are more supermarkets within walking distance of the marina towards the main town direction.


There is a restaurant and a cafe into the marina, though many quality tavernas, restaurants, cafes and bars are located within walking distance of the marina.


For more information on interesting places please ask the Vogue Sails Staff at the Base.


The prevailing wind in this area blows from NW-W at force 3-6B. For more weather details you may check Easy Sailing web page for the major area of the Ionian islands.


Lefkas Canal, cut through the salt marsh between the island proper and the mainland, provides a passage for boats down the E coast of Lefkas. Into the CANAL (Not CHANNEL) during of your approach to Lefkas/Levkas port or marina from South stay into the separation system (buoys) Keep attention of the shallow water into the strait.

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