Preveza Yacht Charter base


Preveza Responsible Person: Mr Kostas Foustanos +30 694 587 0119


Clients should call him as soon as they arrive in Preveza for being informed for the exact mooring place of the boat.


General Info - Preveza lies on the Greek mainland on the coast of the central Ionian Sea. This is a great base for exploring the islands of Lefkas, Ithaca, Meganisi, Atakos, Arkoudi and Kefalonia.


Expect a relaxing yacht charter in the Ionian Sea without the busy night life found in many Greek resorts. Here you can relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Green waters, steep rocks reaching the sea and endless white, sandy beaches, spreading among them, compose a wild but gentle beauty. No wonder that this is the most popular area of Greece for holidays amongst the Greeks themselves


The aquamarine waters and the green all around coasts are the most indicative aspects of the Ionian Islands and the coast of Western Greece. The Ionian Islands’ scenery enjoys a great variety: from cosmopolitan ports flocked by visitors to small picturesque villages for those seeking tranquility. The Ionian is among the best destinations for both sailing and motor boats. Winds are not strong in the area and the routes suggested can provide a convenient trip even to particularly small boats. In general, the region’s weather is favorable all the year round, with temperatures being rather high, varying from 20 to 32 centigrades.
Having the marina as a setting out spot, apart from the sea, a visitor may venture in the mainland. The Ancient Nikopolis, Ioannina, Meteora, Karpenisi, Delfi, Olympia are among the suggested itineraries.


Preveza is a seaside city of the Ionian located in the Amvrakikos Gulf with Mediterranean climate, many worth visiting sites, cosmopolitan life and entertainment. It is thus suitable for both excitement and relaxation.
Enjoying the double delta of the rivers Louros and Arachthos along with a lagoon complex, the Amvrakikos Gulf has a rare ecosystem protected by the RAMSAR international treaty.


The marina has a mooring capacity of 100 boats of length up to 30 m. It is noteworthy that the marina can host boats of draught ranging up to 8 m. The mooring contracts can be daily, monthly or annual.
The mooring is on floating piers (4 m wide), while anchoring is with mooring lines. All berths come with power and water supply and WiFi Internet. All service-providing buildings are along the breakwater making the access easy to all customers.
Customers and visitors can enjoy their meal in the marina’s restaurant, make their shopping in the mini market and the chandlery, check in and out the reception conveniently and access directly the hygiene and laundry spots. The playground is secure and comfortable to young visitors so that they can enjoy their time also when being outside the boat. The marina is friendly to people with disabilities.
Inside the marina there is a fuel station, also providing lubricants of every kind.


For more information on interesting places please ask the Vogue Sails Staff at the Base.


The prevailing wind in this area blows from NW-W at force 3-6B. For more weather details you may check Easy Sailing web page for the major area of the Ionian islands.


Lefkas Canal, cut through the salt marsh between the island proper and the mainland, provides a passage for boats down the E coast of Lefkas. Into the CANAL (Not CHANNEL) during of your approach to Lefkas/Levkas port or marina from South stay into the separation system (buoys) Keep attention of the shallow water into the strait.


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