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Mandraki marina is in reality the older harbour of Rhodos -magnificent- town. It is a public port that does NOT offer the facilities of a modern private marina. The port alike the town of Rhodos occupies the northernmost tip of the island right below the medieval castle and opposite the Market Square of Rhodes, a 30 minute drive from the airport and 20 minutes walk from the commercial (ferry) port of Rhodos. The facilities within the harbour area can give a minimum of comfort to the charterers since there is power, water and supermarkets near the yachts.


The airport is located 15km away from the city of Rhodes, on the west coast of the island. A public bus service connects the airport to the city and taxis are also very easy to find just outside the airport. Taxi will drop you (and your luggage) off right in the marina with 20-25 Euros.


Water and 220V power is available on the quay. Fuel is delivered on the quay by a car-tanker. The main street is a 7-minute walk from the dock.  A 24-hour taxi stand is also found across the road outside Mandraki marina. The local bus terminal of Rhodos town with connection of the main villages/beaches/sites of the island (such as Lindos) is about 300m away from the yachts berths. ATM cash point and many Banks are located in the town near the yachts pier. Parking area (unguarded, quite safe) is also located into the marina, but you better consult the base manager about the best place to leave your car. WC/Toilets/Hot water showers are available near the office 5-minutes walk from the boats' berths.


One day or at least a couple of hours before you return to Rhodos charter base (at the end of your charter), please inform our base manager (by mobile phone) about your estimated time of entering the port, in order to be able to help you with the berthing procedure. Vogue Sails berths are in the lee of the windmills, towards the last of the 3 windmills. There are some mooring lines, though our staff may prompt you to use your anchor.


The meeting point is directly onto your yacht. Which will be close to the Windmills


There are two supermarkets within the harbour that are open 7 days a week from 07.30 to 21.00 during the summer. There you will find almost anything you wish.
Tip: Don't forget to get ice, so that you save your yachts power at night!


There are various cafes, taverns and restaurants within walking distance of the ancient town and market square. A couple of the best taverns / Greek traditional restaurants in the island you will find in remote villages about 7-16 km SW of the town. Vogue Sails base staff can call a taxi for you and advise you how to locate them.


For more information on interesting places please ask the Vogue Sails Staff at the Base.


From May to October, the prevailing wind in this area blows from the W or NW at Force 4-6B. If your bearing is towards Kos island, then after you pass the Turkish cape West of Symi island, the winds are usually calmer and blow from N (or NE sometimes). For more weather details you may check Easy Sailing web page for the major area of the Dodecanese islands.


Beware of the rocks and shallow waters on the north side of the port entrance. Also: drop as much chain as you have in your chain locker, so that your boat's anchor will not stuck to the heavy-big-chain of the mooring-lines which is submerged parallel to the dock at a distance of 30m (90 feet). Waters at this point are 20 m deep and you will -most probably- need a diver to free your anchor.



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