Volos Yacht Charter base


Volos Responsible Person: Mr Antonis Kostavaras +30 693 693 8296


Clients should call him as soon as they arrive in Volos main port for being informed for the exact mooring place of the boat.


General Info: Sporades base is based in Volos and aims to provide a flexible service for people looking to charter yachts (either bareboat or with a skipper) for use in the Greek Sporades and in the rest of the Aegean. The yachts are based in Volos port on mainland Greece, but if you are flying to Skiathos, we can arrange to meet you there with the yacht.


The Sporades Complex begin with the island of Skiathos  - the closest to the mainland, with an airport,  followed by Skopelos and Alonissos, which are larger, quieter and more rugged. Generally, conditions in the Sporades for sailing are calm, with the islands less affected by the northern wind (the meltemi) that buffets other parts of the Aegean in the summer months. There is no shortage of delightful and secluded bays to anchor on all the islands. Around Alonissos and the smaller islands further east is The National Marine Park of Alonnisos Northern Sporades set up to protect, among other endangered species, the Mediterranean Monk Seal. The restrictions on yachts and tourism mean the island of Piperi and its coastal waters are out of bounds.


The city of Volos is the politic and economic capital of central Greece and has a population of 71.000 inhabitants.
There are a lot of activities available in Volos. The first of which is sightseeing. The mountains around town are incredible and offer great views of the city and the Aegean on the other side. The city of Volos was founded in the mid 19th century. It is a lively town. The city has an important waterfront which is lined with many pastry shops, cafes-bars, restaurants and local tavernas (known as tsipouradika).
The place gets really crowded during Friday and Saturday nights. The surrounding streets are also of interest as they are bustling with life. Near by the port, you can find supermarkets and Taxis.


For more information on interesting places please ask the Vogue Sails Staff at the Base.


The prevailing wind in this area blows from SE - E at force 3-6 B. For more weather details you may check Easy Sailing web page for the major area of the Sporades islands.

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